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Some Shit I Believe

Some Shit I Believe
no evil here. just truth.


The Man Broke the Internet...Damn...

I've made my share of jokes about Mike J but it doesn't mean I wasn't always a fan, and I've always been behind him, but a great man died yesterday.
But even in his passing, he still finds a way to put the world in a frenzy.
How many people does it take to break the internet? One, if that one is Michael Jackson. Here's to the legend, the innovator, the master, and so on and so forth, Michael Jackson. You have earned and fully deserve your peace so RIP. "I bet you everyone slow clapped when Michael arrived in heaven."

He influenced EVERYBODY. PYT is my favorite song. JabbaWockeez killed it! Love them.

Pray the Jackson family && the world, shit is deep.

P.S. Heard a funny thing today: Somewhere, Kanye is tryna figure out a way to make this shit about him. lmao, probably.

gorgeous ass man. lol.


Oh Calvin Klein! LOL.

So CK has a new large ass 50ft billboard in NYC that has everybody talking. It's a little risque' if I do say so myself but I see the artistic nature behind. I can also see how some people wouldn't. It makes me think "The things people will do for a good pair of jeans lol.


Digital Girl Remix

Just saw Jamie Foxx perform Digital Girl on The Tonight Show with Drake as a guest.
I'm def not crazy about the song but I thought Drake's verse was cool. Plus, there's The Dream and Kanye, even though they weren't at the performance. As Lil Wayne says, "It's the remix, babbbyyyy" [uggghhhh I can't believe I did that but I mean shoot me it's late. lol.]

click the link, take a listen.

nighty nite. =]


Lil Dez [Kobe vs. Lebraun]

WOW this is STILL funny to me. LMAO!!!

I love Lil Dez!!!


So I'm A Little Bit In Love

Basically the song of the week:

Drake feat. Lykke Li - A Little Bit

"I'm a little bit in love with it." lol

Whoever made this video should get a cookie or somethin...its cute lol

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