Love makes us foolishly optimistic. -Wale Folarin

Some Shit I Believe

Some Shit I Believe
no evil here. just truth.



The most unexpected things in life will hurt u. One minute ur lovin the shit out of something and before u can even think about wut happened, it's nothing like u wut u remember. And its hurts. Like nothin has ever hurt before, a soul-hurt, that gets deep in u and effects u even when u don't want it to, especially when u don't want it to.

I trusted. I loved. I gave it my all. And its almost as if it was all a dream, it never happened. all the sweet nothings and shit, were supposedly just that --shit. That's what it's been diminished to --past shit that I guess when the other party looks back, that party is disgusted that it ever made it to that point to begin with. I'm seemingly an accident, a mistake, and I'm about to be written off as if I never happened to begin with, actually, I already have been.

The same person who once upon a time said 'I love u' now looks at me with what I feel like is all the hatred in the world in their eyes. That's tough. It's tougher when that same person thinks ur tearin them down. I don't have the energy or the urge. It's just not apart of me. When I love someone, I make the most efforts to protect u from anything in the world that could hurt u. So why would I personally? Yea, I wouldn't.

But I remember something much different. But now it's time to just remember. I'm not about to forget u. And I could go on forever about this --tryna figure out wut happened, wut went wrong...I'll never understand.

Time to give u wut u want...

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  1. you are so right in saying that the most unexpected things hurt you. i've been hurt by the people closest to me and it seems like they have the easiest [hardest?] time doing so because they are so close to you... you let them in without boundaries and expect them to take special care of your heart and soul. when instead they jab it in its most vulnerable place. what can we do? we can build walls around our hearts..ourselves..our innermost beings but then we would be living a life unfulfilled because we'd be missing out on those who are actually willing to take precious care of our essence of being
    i'm sorry that you've been hurt. i empathize with you because i've had that kind of soul hurt before. it's especially hard when the other party seems to loathe the essence of our being, but i believe that's only because they hurt in a different kind of way.
    i still wanna push this nigga off a cliff.. but that won't solve the problem now would it? remember it. cuz this isn't something that you forget. but eventually something beautiful will sprout from this pain. it may not seem like it right now, but this is a CHOICE that you have to make. don't give him any more of your time. remember it don't focus on it. and CHOOSE to be better without him.
    love you xoxo


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