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Some Shit I Believe
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The Kanye West Kick Game

I have a lot to talk about...but i'll save it for another day...

Today I wanna talk about The Kanye West Kick Game...

Kanye West must've forgot we're in a recession...Mr. West is teaming up with Louis Vuitton to make an expensive ass shoe that only he and other celebrities, including his rumored stripper girlfriend could afford.

When I first heard this news, I was irritated that what I call "The Showboat That Is Kanye" is diving into the sneaker world...that's my But I just recently saw a pic of the three types of shoes he's putting out: The Louis Vuitton Don's (low top's; after Ye himself of course), The Jasper's (high top's; after his brother) and The Mr. Hudson's (boat shoe; named after the GOOD music artist and 808 collaborator) and thought "Hmm...maybe I could get with that if the starting price wasn't $800!"

I have small u know how many pairs of Jordan's, Nike Air Max's, SB Dunks and whatever else I want I could buy?? A lot. But supposedly Kanye says the sneakers are for older people with money and style...smh.

But I can dig the Jasper's, maybe even the The Don's...look for urself:

<----kanye and the hudson's


  1. you have only put a few blog entries but you are hilarious and actually quite deep. i wish you would post more!

  2. I remember my freshmen year at high school when the S. Carter's dropped via Reebok.... best believe I had me a pair. But looking back at it a year later i realized that was one of the most "loser-ish" thing's I ever did in my life.

    But with the Air Yeezy's.... somethings different... maybe the fact that it's with Nike and he has actual creative input into it that makes it dope. The LV's are kinda legit too.


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